My Everyday Makeup Routine: Fall 2016

So since I'm one of those terribly lazy morning people who generally hits the "snooze" button about 8 times before actually waking up (which is actually only due to my boyfriend shoving me out of the bed), I like to keep my weekday morning makeup routine quite simple. And full of neutrals so that a sleepy Julia can get away with applying her blush a little wonky and not have to worry about it... So here's what I've been using:

L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup Lotion - Shade W1 (Porcelain)

Back in high school I wore this foundation religiously because the formula worked pretty well my acne-riddled skin (yay for teen hormones!), and because it was affordable. Fast-forward 11 years and I've fallen right back into my love affair with it. For a drugstore foundation, the finish is really quite impressive. It sits well on my skin (I find that it actually works better without a primer), feels lightweight, and offers a decent amount of coverage. My only issue is that even though it's the best color match for me out of the entire range, it's still a tad too warm for me and needs to be carefully blended down the neck.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

This. Stuff. Is. Amazing. I used to be a die-hard fan of the Bobbi Brown correcter, but this is a much affordable alternative. That being said, the consistency is quite different, but I find this is really easy to blend in, and just does such a good job at hiding the dark circles under my eyes.

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pressed Powder

I've raved about this many times before, so I'll spare you the gushing. Basically, it's beyond amazing and truly lives up to its name.

Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Styling Gel - Shade Blonde

This is a really excellent dupe for the Benefit brow gel, and I use it daily. Since I already have thick brows all I need is a quick brush through with this and I'm all set for the rest of the day!

L'Oreal Tru Match Super Blendable Blush - Warm Honey

If you're pale like me and are looking for the perfect barely-there blush, this is for you. This light peach-nude blush is a no brainer to apply and looks ultra-natural once applied. It has just a hint of sparkle to it, but still looks understated. I'm in love.

Wet n Wild Kohl Eyeliner - Calling Your Bluff

Lately I've been loving an overall peachy makeup look, and I've been reaching for this peachy-nude eye liner almost every morning. I quickly draw a few lines over each eyelid and blend it all out with my finger. I like to leave my lids looking very natural during the work week, and I prefer to use something like this as opposed to a creamy eye shadow primer. I find it does just as good a job at covering up my veiny eyelids (that's a nice mental image, isn't it?) but it lasts a lot longer.

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara - Carbon Black

I really like this mascara. This line from L'Oreal is probably one of my favorites as far as drugstore mascaras go because they're incredibly long-wearing and don't rub off or transfer to the lower lid. Which is nice, because I really hate looking like a tired raccoon; it's just not my best look.

What are your everyday staples?

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