10 Days Testing Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser

Surprised. Delighted. Borderline ecstatic. Those are the words I would use to describe how I feel after testing out the Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser and Pond’s Dry Skin Cream for 10 days straight. 

If you’re a long-time follower of mine you’ll know that I have extremely oily skin with large pores and that I often struggle with adult acne in various forms - yay! So it was a complete surprise to me that these products work as well as they do with my extremely finicky skin. After exactly 10 days of dedicated use morning and night, my skin is brighter, clearer and more even than it has been in the last year. But the best part? My skin seems to be more balanced; my oil production has evened out, meaning I don’t become an oil slick 20 minutes into my day anymore. This was the most unexpected result, and I am so beyond pleased! I have spent so many years and so. much. money. on high-end products that were supposed to work wonders on my skin, when it turns out all I needed was $10 and two drugstore products that have been around for literally decades. This is a real #facepalm moment for me. 

But why are these two products so great? Let’s start off with the cold cream cleanser…

The Pond’s Cold Cream is probably my favorite product out of the two. I think it’s due to this cleanser/makeup remover that my skin in looking brighter and more even. As I explain in my review video (which you can watch below - keep scrolling!) this cream cleanser pretty much needs to be removed with a hot damp washcloth. Just the simple action of removing the product this way morning and evening keeps the skin nicely exfoliated, which keeps the surface layer of skin free from dead skin and which also helps whatever products are used next the opportunity to really sink in and do their thing. 

Tip! Use the Pond’s Cold Cream as a hydrating mask 1-2 times a week and your life will be changed haha. Just apply a generous layer to clean skin, and let it sit and work its magic for 30 minutes to an hour. Then just remove it with a very hot damp washcloth and your skin will look totally refreshed, bright and glowy. Try it and let me know what you think! 

Note: I can’t currently find the fragrance-free version of this product anywhere in Canada, online or in store. It’s available in the US, and knowing how slow Canadian vendors can be to adopt new products, it could be at least a year or two before the fragrance-free version is available here. That’s a bummer since it would be so much nicer as an all-over makeup-remover (including eye makeup) if it wasn’t so heavily fragranced. Sigh.

Now the Pond’s Dry Skin Cream has surprised me the most. Having had oily skin for the majority of my life, I have always been afraid to use heavier creams like this for fear of further clogging my pores and exacerbating my existing acne. But low and behold, this is probably the best moisturizer I’ve ever put on my face. I’ve spent years using moisturizers that were thin, gel-like, and that were designed to keep my oils at bay. And now after using this Pond’s Dry Skin Cream for almost two full weeks, I’ve come to realize that what my skin has really needed is simply more hydration and moisture. All these years I’ve been going to the wrong extreme to try and balance out my oily skin type. 

As always, thank you for visiting the blog today and every day. Xx Julia

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