A Cozy Summer Kitchen Corner

Decorating for summer to me generally involves paring down and playing with some bolder patterns and textures. This week I played around with green and lemon accents in this high-traffic area of our kitchen, and thought I’d share this cozy summer kitchen refresh with you…

I’m actually dreaming about this same corner but with a bowl filled to the brim with fresh lemons and limes. Luckily I have the perfect lemon print shallow bowl that I picked up on a whim last summer at Homesense. I think that means this was all meant to be and that an impromptu run to the grocery store is in order. But the main inspiration for this corner of the kitchen? The tea towel. I picked up two of these vintage looking lemon-print tea towels from none other than Dollarama earlier in March, and I love them. I can go months without finding anything noteworthy at the dollar store, but every once in awhile I come across a gem. This tea towel is one of those  gems!


Then all I did to add in more green was dig out this green wooden frame from storage and pop a plant on the shelf. This took minimal time while the coffee was brewing this morning, and it makes our kitchen look so bright and cheerful the moment you walk in. I’m in love!

Is anyone else love really simple home updates lately to help transition spaces into summer? In this odd season of life (pregnant during a pandemic, amiright), I have really been loving the way small and super simple changes can add up. I think over the next few weeks I’m going to take little pockets of free time to spruce up other corners of our home the same way. 

If you decide to take on a corner of your own home inspired by this post I’d love it if you tagged me on Instagram {HERE} so I can see your cozy summer corner! Thank you for visiting the blog today and everyday, I really appreciate it. Xx Julia Rae

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