Minimal Diaper Caddy Organization

I love an organized house… probably to an unrealistic level! So since we’re in the third and final trimester of this pregnancy, you can bet the nesting urges have hit me hard. I’ve been organizing and reorganizing every square inch of our home to try and make it as functional - and pretty lol - as possible. A big part of that involved planning and organizing baby boy’s actual nursery, but I also wanted to create stations around our home that would make quick changes a bit easier as well.

Now I’m not a minimalist by any means, but I did try and keep these diaper caddy stations as simple as possible while still including everything I think we’d need on hand. Here’s what I’ve included in each one: 
    • Dollar store plastic bin with handles 
    • 1 row of diapers (there are newborn diapers in there currently) 
    • 1 pacifier and/or toy 
    • 2 receiving blankets (we use these as makeshift changing pads and they work great!) 
    • 2 backup outfits (I just keep 2 sleeper onesies in there) 
    • a small spray bottle hand sanitizer 
    • diaper cream 
    • package of wipes 
    • 1-2 plastic bag rolls (to toss dirty diapers in before placing them in the kitchen or bathroom garbage to keep bad aromas in those spaces to a minimum) 
Check out the ‘Day In The Life’ vlog below to see more of our diaper caddy organization as well as how I set up our changing table in the actual nursery! Sidenote: there’s also an incredible thai red chicken curry recipe in this vlog that is super simple to whip together and also amazinggggggg. ;)

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