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Hey! i’m Julia rae

I’m an Ontario-grown, Canadian girl currently living, dreaming and thriving in our country’s capital city with my husband Shawn. By day I’m a digital marketer; by night, I’m a lifestyle vlogger/blogger. In my twenty-ninth year I can easily say that this is my happiest season of life to date. And my round about journey up to this point has inspired me to share bits and pieces of myself with people like you.

I’ll share with you everything from my latest beauty and lifestyle finds to the reality of reno-ing our first home on a (tight) budget and navigating the trickier aspects of adulthood - all while moving in the direction of living our lives more mindfully, creatively and authentically. If that sounds like something you’ll be into, then you are more than welcome here.

I’m chasing my dreams, trying my best to fully enjoy the ride, and bringing you along.


My life has taken so many unexpected twists and turns (whose doesn’t amiright) and at times it truly felt like I was fighting a never-ending uphill battle. My armor of choice was caution and always striving for perfection, which ended up causing me to miss a lot of the joyful moments and opportunities along the way. But over the past two years I’ve made some very intentional shifts in how I live my life, and it’s paying off. I’ve arrived to this beautiful life that I love and I’ve learned that, more often than not, it’s okay to simply do the joyful things (you should also know that Brené Brown is my idol haha). Because we are all more than our job titles, failures and achievements.

While the undercurrent of the content you’ll be seeing from me surrounds living intentionally, I’ll be talking a lot about other things too. Like my past as a makeup artist and my favourite long-wearing foundation, my favourite recipes from my time as a bed and breakfast cook (true story), my budget-friendly home decor tips, and so much more. Because that stuff is fun for me, plain and simple.

Basically my goal is to share some of my everyday routine and experiences, have fun, and hopefully be a small part of your journey as well. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get to know me better.

some of my favourite things…