Starting My Minimal Jewelry Collection

Minimal Jewelry 1.jpg

Up until a few months ago I've always had a dauntingly messy jewelry drawer full of costume pieces from H&M, Forever 21, Aldo, etc. Some really pretty bits and bobs, but nothing that would last the test of time. And quite a few rings that always left me with that dreaded green ring around my finger. 

So I recently decided to ditch all the junk and start investing thoughtfully in quality pieces. I've completely cleared out that drawer, and have started fresh. 

Gold Hammered Coil Ring - Le Cubicule on Etsy

Gold Hammered Coil Ring - Le Cubicule on Etsy

Silver Hammered Circle Ring - Le Cubicule on Etsy

Silver Hammered Circle Ring - Le Cubicule on Etsy

I started small with just four pieces - two rings and two sets of earrings. So now I have one gold set complete with a ring and earrings, and one silver set. 

Both rings are from a small Canadian Company on Etsy called Le Cubicule. You can click the images above to be taken to the product listings if you want to explore further. 

I'm all about simple earrings - I don't like a lot of bling - and these simple "U" shaped earrings were exactly what I was looking for in an everyday piece. These are from another Etsy shop called Squirrel's Nest, which offers a super affordable and timeless collection. I have my eye on another few pieces from this shop as well!

Next up on my shopping list are necklaces - just two to start - in both gold and silver. That should complete this first basic collection of mine! And then I'll start shopping around for some fun, fancier bits. :)

Do you have any stores you'd recommend?

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