5 Autumn Skincare Favorites

autumn skin savers 1.jpg

Okay, so let's start with the two standout products...

1. The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2%

This stuff is changing my life. And it's soooo affordable I could cry. Literally just sitting here sobbing big tears of joy all over my keyboard because I only paid $9.80 CAD. Since this is a gentler product it's right up my alley as a total retinoid-noob. I'd say it's definitely more of an entry-level retinoid, but I've still noticed a considerable difference in the appearance of the acne scarring on my cheeks. Plus, I think it's fair to say I look noticeably more glowy, because my boyfriend actually commented on it. At first I was nervous about purging, because apparently that's a thing with retinoids - especially if you're new to them. But, I'm happy to report that aside from a few very minor whiteheads on my forehead the first week, my oily/dehydrated/acne-prone skin didn't seem to purge much. Score.

2. Nuxe Moisturizing Deep Wrinkle Emulsion

Guys, it's like I turned 28 and my skin was all like "well, nothing even matters anymore." Not even kidding. It seemed like my skin changed overnight (read: gave up entirely), and became thinner, more delicate and much more sensitive. I'm now really starting to notice fine lines and wrinkles emerging (or maybe I've just been living in an exceptional amount of denial for the past few years...?), especially around my mouth and on my forehead. So, it was time to step up the skin care routine. These days I'm working from home full-time, and I've been absolutely loving using this either as a day cream when I have nowhere to go (it does not sit well under makeup, let me tell you), or mixed in with my night cream. And man is it ever making my skin soft. I've been using it pretty much every day in one way or another, and my skin drinks it right up and seems slightly more hydrated and plump overall. It also smells strongly of honey and feels luxurious to use. I'll keep you updated on this one!

And now I want to chat a bit about 3 staples in my routine that I've actually been using for years. 

3. Nuxe 24HR Soothing & Moisturizing Emulsion

I think we all know by now that Hulia is an oily lady. Always have been, probably always will be. But my skin is also quite dehydrated regardless of how much water I drink each day (sidenote; how does one actually accomplish anything if they are always peeing? Asking for a friend..). So I need a moisturizer that does double-duty to quench and mattify. And this feather-light product does the trick. It's applies easily, sinks in quickly, and sits really well under my makeup. 

4. Elf Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

I have perpetually dry lips, and this scrub is just in the most convenient packaging and actually works super well! Not much more to say about this guy, except that it smells delicious and works wonders on my flaky lips (yum). 

5. Clearasil Acne Treatment Cream

Even though I feel like I've finally landed on a skin care routine that works for me, there are still days when new pimple friends emerge from my face and ask to stay awhile. I always say no, but they always overstay their nonexistent welcome. This benzoyl peroxide cream (5%) helps me boot them out the door, or... out of my pores...? This poorly crafted metaphor is falling apart lol #didmybest. Anywho, if I wake up with any spots in the morning I immediately spot treat with this cream and then slather on the above-mentioned Nuxe Moisturizin Deep Wrinkle Emulsion. And in a few hours those pesky spots are usually much smaller and dried out, yet still manageable due to the rich moisturizer. It's working really well for me!

What are your fall must-haves?