Fall House Tour 2019

Maybe it’s because I’m an Autumn baby, but there is just something so extra special about this season for me. I adore everything about fall, from the tones and textures, to the aromas and tastes. It’s magic for me, more so than Christmas! This year I wanted our house to feel extra inviting and extra cozy. And by adding in a few subtle colors and materials here and there, I think I achieved just that. ;)

fall home tour 1 julia rae.png

This year I kept it simpler than I normally do just because we have some light renos coming up in the next two months - I didn’t want to put a ton of effort into our fall decor just to take it down in two weeks to paint walls and put up crown molding. ;) But! I did have fun adding some simple fall decor to our main floor, focusing on the kitchen and living room.

I’ve included a few of my favorite photos below, but you can watch my full fall decor tour in this video.

fall home tour 2 julia rae.png
fall home tour 3 julia rae.png
fall home tour 4 julia rae.png
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